Supervisory Policy and Legal Expertise division

The Supervisory Policy and Legal Expertise division performs a range of strategic cross-sectoral tasks and executive staff functions, and carries out economic and legal groundwork.

The Supervisory Policy and Legal Expertise division employs a range of specialist teams.

Strategic Services division organisation chart

International Affairs

The International Affairs group is the central point of contact for FINMA's international activities. In addition to the management and coordination of international bodies and maintaining contact with foreign supervisory authorities and relevant EU organisations, this group is also responsible for the negotiation of international agreements.


The Regulation group is responsible for managing, reviewing and developing the areas of financial market regulation relevant for FINMA and the coordination of ongoing FINMA regulation projects. This group also supports the divisions in drawing up new regulations such as FINMA ordinances and circulars.

Legal and Compliance

The Legal and Compliance group fulfils the central legal function at FINMA. As such, it manages all legal issues relating to FINMA including data protection, contract and procurement law. Moreover, the group is responsible for implementing the code of conduct and internal directives. The group also manages the application process for potential mandataries. In addition, Legal and Compliance is responsible for liability procedures against FINMA submitted to the State Liability Committee.


Due to the diversity of its duties, the Supervisory Policy and Legal Expertise division division provides support to FINMA's executive management and the other divisions, adopting a cross-sectoral approach which ultimately contributes to FINMA's development.