FINMA publications

FINMA produces a range of publications to provide information on its work and explain its actions. These are all posted on FINMA's website in electronic form. A number of them, including its annual reports and financial statements, are also available in hard copy.
Its aim is to ensure the transparency of FINMA's supervisory activity. The information that FINMA provides on general supervisory issues is presented in summarised and anonymised form.

Strategic goals and annual reports and financial statements

FINMA publishes the strategic goals adopted by its Board of Directors. These set out the key aspects of its supervisory activity for the medium and long term. Its annual reports and financial statements are published to meet FINMA's accountability obligation.

Publications on specific aspects of FINMA’s supervisory activity

In addition to various statistics and key figures, FINMA also publishes information on specific aspects of its activity. This includes the database of case reports and court rulings related to its enforcement activities, reports, speeches, news articles and fact sheets.

Communication on regulation, companies and individuals

Before issuing its own ordinances or circulars, FINMA opens consultations for the stakeholders.

FINMA is only permitted to provide information on specific companies and individuals if there is a particular supervisory interest. Press releases are normally used for this purpose.
FINMA communication policy

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