Enforcement tools

FINMA has a broad range of enforcement tools to uphold supervisory law. When applying these tools, it is bound to observe constitutional principles and the rules governing administrative activity.
Enforcement tools are those measures employed by FINMA to enforce supervisory law. The various financial market laws define which instruments FINMA can use to enforce supervisory law in each area, while the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) sets out the relevant procedure.

Wide range of measures

The enforcement tools at FINMA's disposal include precautionary measures, ordering action to restore compliance with the law, declaratory rulings, industry bans, cease and desist orders and activity bans, publication of rulings, the disgorgement of profits, and withdrawal of authorisation, liquidation and bankruptcy.

Use of enforcement tools

FINMA must take account of the aims of financial market law (protecting creditors and investors, fair competition and the stability of the financial system) and the general principles of constitutional and administrative law when deciding which measures to take and how to apply them in each particular case.