Making a report

Do you suspect a FINMA-supervised institution of a breach of regulations or other irregularity? Do you have reasons to believe that a provider operating on the financial market is not properly licensed? You can notify FINMA of this. If you have an outside perspective of the institution concerned, for example as a client, you can use the report form intended for this. If you have an inside perspective of the institution concerned, you should use the corresponding external platform.

It is FINMA’s job to address irregularities and breaches of regulations at institutions under its supervision. Any specific information you may have can be important in enabling FINMA to take measures against such irregularities and breaches of regulations.

Making a report as a client

If as a client you wish to report an irregularity at a supervised institution, please use the following linked form.

Report form for clients of financial institutions

Making a report as a person with an inside perspective of an institution

If you have an inside perspective of an affected institution, for instance as an employed or appointed individual or as a body, please use the external platform linked below to make a report. Your information will be conveyed to FINMA in encrypted form via this secured external whistleblowing platform. Reports cannot be backtraced. The disclosure of your personal details is voluntary.

We wish to point out that according to case law for permitted whistleblowing you are fundamentally required first of all to attempt to report the suspected irregularity within the institution concerned. Only if this is not successful or appears futile is an external report to FINMA as the supervisory authority justified (so-called cascade system of permitted whistleblowing). You otherwise run the risk by submitting your report to FINMA of being liable to prosecution due to a potential breach of your duty of confidentiality.

External platform for reports by persons with an inside perspective of a financial institution