National and international cooperation

FINMA works together with other Swiss and foreign authorities to enforce financial market laws.

Authorities cooperate with each other both in Switzerland and internationally and coordinate their investigations.

International cooperation

FINMA can request information and documents from foreign financial market supervisory authorities to help with its enforcement activities. It also receives several hundred requests for assistance from foreign authorities every year, for example when a client has used an account at a Swiss bank to commit market abuse on a foreign exchange.


International cooperation: incoming and outgoing requests (2016–2020)

Requests for assistance per year

FINMA is in third place globally in terms of the number of requests received, which underscores Switzerland’s importance as a location for private banking. The statistics compiled annually by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) show that foreign authorities are mostly satisfied with FINMA’s handling of these requests. FINMA is thus playing its part in worldwide efforts to combat market abuse.

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National cooperation

Within Switzerland, FINMA cooperates mainly with the federal and cantonal prosecution authorities to enforce financial market law, acting in accordance with the applicable laws and coordinating investigations as far as possible.

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