FinTech financial services providers

FINMA encourages innovation and competitiveness in the Swiss financial marketplace. If you are embracing technological change and you intend launching a FinTech company or providing FinTech financial services, here you will find initial information about financial market regulation.

FINMA has been working on the challenges presented by FinTech regarding authorisation, supervision and regulation. Innovative trends and ideas require a solid framework within which to operate, while clients and the financial system as a whole need protection during this shift in direction.

FinTech-friendly environment set in motion

An increasing number of financial intermediaries interact with their clients via internet and mobile devices. FINMA has therefore been enhancing the regulatory framework to facilitate client onboarding via digital channels. In its circular, the anti-money laundering due diligence requirements are explained in the context of digitalisation of financial services and the need for technology-neutral regulation, particularly with respect to video identification. The circular came into force on 18 March 2016 and was updated on 6 May 2021. 

2016/07 FINMA Circular "Video and online identification" (03.03.2016)

Due diligence requirements for client onboarding via digital channels

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Opening corporate accounts for blockchain companies

On 21 September 2018, the Swiss Bankers Association published guidelines for its members on opening corporate accounts for blockchain companies. The FDF and FINMA support the initiative and publication of the guidelines by the Bankers Association.

Regulatory landscape

Before launching operations, FinTech companies must establish whether they are subject to anti-money laundering and authorisation requirements. 

Must I comply with the anti-money laundering due diligence requirements?

Accepting assets or providing assistance in the investment and transfer of assets are subject to the rules set out in the Anti-Money Laundering Act. This includes credit and leasing transactions, asset management, providing wallet services, fiduciary activities, payment service providers and money exchangers. Trading with virtual currencies (Bitcoin, etc.) and operating a payment system fall under the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA). If the business you do is subject to the AMLA, you must become a member of a self-regulatory organisation (SRO).

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Fact sheet: Combating money laundering: financial intermediaries must comply with due diligence requirements

Financial intermediaries must comply with stringent due diligence and reporting requirements. Tasked with ensuring compliance, both the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, the supervisory organisations and the self-regulatory organisations seek to prevent money laundering. This in turn enhances the credibility and proper functioning of the financial system.

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2011/01 FINMA-Rundschreiben "Tätigkeit als Finanzintermediär nach GwG" (20.10.2010)

Ausführungen zur Geldwäschereiverordnung (GwV)

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2009/01 FINMA Circular "Guidelines on asset management" (18.12.2008)

Guidelines for the recognition of self-regulation in asset management as minimum standard

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FINMA Guidance 02/2019

Payments on the blockchain

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Do the FinTech services I provide require authorisation?

If you intend entering the financial market, the financial services you wish to provide may require FINMA authorisation. Individuals and legal entities must apply to FINMA to obtain authorisation for certain activities and, in some cases, for specific products. In addition to other institutions, FINMA authorises and supervises banks, securities firms, insurances, fund management companies, collective investment schemes, exchanges and multilateral trading systems. 

Do I need  ...

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International cooperation on FinTech

FINMA promotes Swiss FinTech interests at a global level, namely by actively engaging in a number of international bodies to work towards establishing a solid framework for innovation and proper protection for customers and the financial system. Bilateral cooperation with national authorities worldwide also exists on FinTech topics, which enables FINMA to conclude Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with those authorities. This also supports Swiss FinTech companies to expand operations outside their home market.

FinTech roundtable

FINMA frequently organises FinTech roundtable events. The dates and topics will be posted on this web page. 

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