FINMA’s management board

FINMA is legally obliged to ensure good and responsible business management. It does so by means of ordinances, regulations and internal control functions.

Article 4 para. 3 FINMASA requires that FINMA organises itself in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance and economic management. The ordinances, regulations and internal control mechanisms aimed at ensuring good corporate governance apply equally to all FINMA staff and management bodies.

For FINMA, the following aspects, in particular, fall under good corporate governance:

  • complying with laws, ordinances and other regulations,
  • following its own strategic goals,
  • observing recognised standards and recommendations, and
  • monitoring compliance with regulations through suitable management and control structures.

FINMA’s Board of Directors is primarily responsible for passing the respective regulations, establishing appropriate management and control structures and ensuring their functionality and efficiency. The Executive Board operates the management and control systems and reports regularly to the Board of Directors.

Verhaltenskodex der Eidgenössischen Finanzmarktaufsicht

(Verhaltenskodex FINMA)

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