Reporting an incident to FINMA or filing a complaint

Do you suspect a provider of an irregularity or an offence? Do you want to report it? Or would you like to file a complaint about a provider who is not authorised by FINMA? The easiest way is to use our report form.

It is FINMA’s job to tackle any abuse by banks, securities dealers, insurers or investment funds. If there are grounds to suspect that supervisory regulations have been violated, we will investigate. If the suspicion is confirmed, we will take appropriate action.

Complaints can flag up improper conduct. That is why we find them helpful. To submit an enquiry, please use the enquiries contact form.

You have no right to know how we assessed your complaint. This means we cannot tell you about our conclusions or any measures we took. Reporting information or filing a complaint does not make you a party to proceedings. In matters like this, FINMA is bound by the Administrative Procedure Act.

Report form

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