Public warnings issued by FINMA

FINMA maintains three lists on its website for investors, creditors and policyholders to consult that draw attention to possible dangers in the financial market.

FINMA provides information about the potentially damaging behaviour of certain financial market participants by maintaining on its website a warning list, a list of final rulings released in line with Article 34 FINMASA and a list of investigating agents acting for FINMA. The most recent entries in these lists summarise and warn investors, creditors and policyholders about any likely dangers. 

Warning list

The warning list includes companies and individuals suspected of conducting unauthorised activities in the financial market. Inclusion in the list does not necessarily mean, however, that the company is conducting illegal activities.

Publication of final rulings

Where a company is in serious breach of regulatory provisions, FINMA can publish part or all of its final rulings once they come into force.