Digital exchange with FINMA

A number of applications are available for digital correspondence with FINMA. The following classification will help you to find the right application.

FINMA uses a number of digital applications for digital exchange with supervised institutions and third parties in connection with oversight:

  • Survey and application platform (EHP),
  • secure channels for delivering and receiving digital documents,
  • FINMA Trust Room – a collaboration platform set up for specific cases.

The most frequent application cases are described on the following pages. They will help you to find the right application or function.

EHP: Submit applications, reports and data or transmit an AC change

Supervised institutions and third parties in connection with oversight can submit an application or a report to FINMA via the EHP and transmit data to FINMA. To access the EHP, register on the EHP or to report an authorisation coordinator (AC), follow the instructions on the page linked below.

EHP: Application, report, data or change to an AC

Deliver and receive digital documents

You would like to transmit digital documents to FINMA or receive them from FINMA. If you have EHP access, documents are generally transmitted via the EHP. Otherwise, especially for the receipt of documents, please use the channels described below.

Deliver and receive documents

Using the FINMA Trust Room

The FINMA Trust Room (FTR) is a collaboration platform for cooperation and the exchange of documents between FINMA and third parties in a secure digital environment. Use of the FTR is possible exclusively via direct invitation by FINMA, access is via the FINMA portal.