FINMA's international activities

FINMA actively participates in the work of various international organisations and associations. It also works with foreign supervisory authorities as part of international supervisory cooperation efforts, particularly in supervisory or enforcement proceedings, as well as the resolution of financial institutions.

FINMA fulfils the international tasks that are associated with its supervisory activity. Its international activities can be divided into three main areas:

As part of its international policy and regulatory cooperation, FINMA is actively involved in international bodies. It represents Swiss interests in the international coordination of appropriate protection for creditors, investors and policyholders and the proper functioning of the financial system.


FINMA also participates in discussions and negotiations led by the Federal Department of Finance (FDF), which serve to protect Switzerland's interests in international financial matters. FINMA supports the FDF in such discussions and negotiations by providing its expertise.

As regards international supervisory cooperation, FINMA participates in supervisory or enforcement proceedings, as well as in the resolution of financial institutions, together with foreign supervisory authorities. This cooperation complies with the provisions of Swiss law, which are partially supplemented in treaties or substantiated in non-binding international administrative arrangements.