Enforcement division

The Enforcement division is responsible for the enforcement of financial market law. It is divided into the following four organisational units: Investigations, Proceedings, Insolvency and Operation Services and Organisation Development.

The Investigations section clarifies whether it is necessary to initiate enforcement proceedings against licence holders and companies conducting unauthorised activities, as well as in connection with market supervision and handling requests for assistance from foreign authorities.

If proceedings are initiated, the Proceedings section takes on the case. It provides instructions regarding the proceedings, submits a decision application to the Enforcement Committee and leads any possible appeal proceedings.

Should a supervised financial intermediary be experiencing serious liquidity difficulties or be in danger of overindebtedness, the dossier is transferred to the "Insolvency" group. It assumes responsibility in cases in which protective measures need to be ordered or restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings are required. Under certain circumstances, this organisational unit is also involved during the orderly winding-up (liquidation in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations) of financial intermediaries.

The Operation Services and Organisation Development unit ultimately supports the other sections in performing their paralegal, secretarial and data management duties, as well as other tasks.

Enforcement division organisation chart