FINMA’s strategic goals

Every four years, FINMA's Board of Directors defines the supervisory authority's strategic goals and submits these to the Federal Council for approval.

The legal framework within which FINMA operates and performs it supervisory activities allows it considerable scope to establish its own priorities. Derived from its mandate, FINMA’s strategic goals set out those priorities and demonstrate how FINMA will fulfil its remit. These goals, which are reviewed every four years, reflect developments in the financial industry and the challenges they bring. The underlying strategy defined in each goal thus creates a link between FINMA’s legal mandate and its specific activities, giving the work performed by FINMA a longer-term focus. Furthermore, in "Key areas" FINMA sets out in concrete terms how it plans to implement the strategic goals over the next four years.

Strategic goals 2021 to 2024

In autumn 2020, the FINMA Board of Directors formulated the ten goals for the strategy period from 2021 to 2024. Eight goals concern the protection of clients and the proper functioning of the markets. Two operational goals concern FINMA as an authority. The wording of the ten goals approved by the Federal Council on 18 November 2020 is documented in the FINMA publication "Strategic goals 2021 to 2024".

  1. Safeguard the stability of the supervised financial institutions by ensuring robust capital and liquidity buffers.
  2. Have a sustained positive impact on the conduct of supervised financial institutions.
  3. Ensure that financial institutions maintain the highest risk management standards and promote responsible corporate governance.
  4. Further mitigate the "too big to fail" risk.
  5. Seek to ensure that financial institutions remain robust in the light of forthcoming structural developments and clients are able to benefit from new opportunities without being exposed to additional risks.
  6. Promote innovation in the Swiss financial centre.
  7. Contribute to the sustainable development of the Swiss financial centre.
  8. Seek to ensure that Swiss financial market regulation is in line with credible international standards and that Swiss interests are actively represented at an international level.
  9. Resources will be based on what FINMA needs to fulfil its extended legal mandate in an efficient manner and new technologies will be used to help realise gains in efficiency and effectiveness.
  10. FINMA’s staff will be highly qualified and receive continuous training and FINMA will be regarded as an attractive employer.

For a detailed overview of these ten goals, please consult the full text "Strategic goals 2021 to 2024".

FINMA's strategic goals 2021 to 2024

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