Money laundering supervision in numbers (2020)

Preventing money laundering plays an important role in the prevention of crime. A well -functioning anti-money laundering mechanism is also essential to the success of the financial centre. As part of its supervisory activity, FINMA strives intensively to prevent money laundering.

Enforcement investigations and proceedings

A significant part of FINMA’s enforcement activities involves combating money laundering. FINMA is entitled to conduct enforcement investigations if it has reason to believe that supervisory law may have been breached. If FINMA considers that supervisory law has been breached, and there is no other way to restore a normal state of affairs, it will initiate enforcement proceedings.

From the Annual Report 2020

From the Annual Report 2020

Criminal charges based on violation of the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA)

FINMA will file criminal charges for criminal breaches of supervisory law (especially breaches of the reporting obligation under Art. 9 AMLA or activities without required authorisations).

From the Annual Report 2020

(From the Annual Report 2020)