You have a problem with your insurance intermediary

FINMA maintains a central register of untied insurance intermediaries. Insurance intermediaries who are not legally, financially or otherwise tied to an insurance company must be entered in the register. Here you will find answers to questions about the obligation to register and FINMA’s supervision of insurance intermediaries.

Who is authorised to offer insurance?

Insurance intermediaries are authorised to offer insurance contracts. Insurance intermediaries are subject to a duty of training with regular further training requirements. The industry is responsible for training, FINMA sets the minimum requirements.

Does FINMA monitor the activities of insurance intermediaries?

Insurance intermediaries who are not legally, financially or otherwise tied to an insurance company are subject to ongoing supervision by FINMA. These so-called untied insurance intermediaries are subject to reporting, disclosure and information obligations, among other things.

FINMA maintains a central register of insurance intermediaries. Untied insurance intermediaries (legal entities and individuals) must register with FINMA. Without FINMA registration they are operating without authorisation. Insurance intermediaries who offer insurance contracts in the interests of insurance companies are deemed to be tied and may not be entered in the FINMA register. FINMA supervises tied insurance intermediaries indirectly via the insurance companies.

Can FINMA help me if I have a complaint about my insurance intermediary?

FINMA cannot assist you in private law disputes with an insurance intermediary. If you have any indications of unlawful behaviour by insurance intermediaries, please inform us. We accept such information at any time. However, if FINMA conducts proceedings against an intermediary on the basis of this information, it may not provide the reporting person with any information on the status and outcome of the proceedings. The petition for administrative review is not a formal legal remedy and therefore does not give you the rights of a party. We will observe the applicable provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act in this regard.