You have a problem with your fund (collective investment scheme)

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions and information on how to deal with problems with the provider of a Swiss collective investment scheme or its agents. FINMA will review your tip-offs regarding possible irregularities. Where there is concrete evidence that financial market laws have been violated, FINMA carries out further investigations and imposes measures on the supervised provider if necessary.

Can you consult FINMA?

Yes. If a complaint is made about a Swiss collective investment scheme or its agent, FINMA will examine the matter to see whether there has been any violation of the relevant laws or a breach of professional ethics. If the fund is based in another country, FINMA is not the principal supervisory body concerned, so our assessment of whether this foreign fund has violated foreign law will be limited.

What will FINMA do?

If there are grounds to suspect that regulatory requirements have been violated, FINMA will seek clarification. If the suspicion is confirmed, we will take appropriate action. For foreign funds selling their products in Switzerland, FINMA is not the principal supervisory body concerned and so the measures we can apply will be limited.

Will I be told how FINMA has assessed my complaint and whether FINMA is taking action?

No. We cannot disclose our assessment of your complaint or the measures FINMA may decide to take. A complaint to the regulator is not formally a legal procedure and it does not grant you the right to be a party to any proceedings. In matters like this, we are bound by the Administrative Procedure Act.

Who will support me in a dispute?

FINMA cannot intervene in individual (usually civil law) disputes between investors and collective investment schemes (funds) or their providers. This is a task for the civil courts. If the collective investment scheme was distributed by a financial service provider, you can contact the relevant ombudsman.