Reporting an incident to FINMA or filing a complaint

Do you suspect a FINMA-supervised institution of a breach of regulations? Do you have specific reasons to believe that a provider is not licensed by FINMA? Please use the report form to pass on information to FINMA.

It is FINMA’s job to tackle irregularities and breaches of regulations. Any specific information you may have can be relevant to FINMA’s findings and investigations. Complaints are treated confidentially unless FINMA is legally obliged to disclose them, for instance in the case of administrative proceedings. While we follow up any specific complaints we receive, we generally do not respond to them individually. We are also not able to deal with general reports or enquiries such as “Is X a trustworthy company?”, “Should I invest in Y?” or “Does Z have a licence?”

Report form

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Reporting irregularities at supervised institutions to FINMA
The report form can be used to pass on information to FINMA about alleged breaches of regulations or irregularities at FINMA-supervised institutions. Complainants themselves are responsible for clarifying the legitimacy of their complaints, especially if they must abide by professional secrecy rules.
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