Swiss insurance market: stable business situation in the Swiss insurance industry

The Swiss insurance market achieved stable results overall in 2021. This is true both of the technical results and the gains from investment activity. These aggregated data and other statistics regarding the insurance market are included in the 2021 insurance market report published today by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.

Swiss insurance companies achieved aggregate annual profits of CHF 7.5 billion in 2021, which represents a slight increase of 0.3% over the previous year. The annual profits of life insurers rose by 35% to CHF 1.4 billion. Non-life insurers’ aggregate annual profits fell by 4% to CHF 6 billion. As in the previous year, reinsurers reported only a small annual profit in the 2021 reporting year (CHF 0.1 billion in 2021, CHF 0.2 billion in 2020). Aggregate gross premium volume at CHF 119.4 billion proved to be very robust in the 2021 financial year and increased in line with the annual results by 0.3%.

FINMA publishes an annual report on the activity of supervised insurance companies. It contains statistical data for the total market as well as for the life, non-life and reinsurance sectors in aggregated form. The report also contains data on group life reporting for the occupational pension schemes of private life insurers in the second pillar.

Besides the insurance market report, FINMA also publishes electronic tables with aggregated data or detailed information for each insurance company on its website. The data can be filtered according to individual needs and downloaded in the standard electronic formats. In addition, FINMA publishes detailed information about the operating statement of occupational pensions (charts and transparency schemes) on its website.

Insurance market report 2021

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