Key metrics for insurers

All supervised insurance providers must submit information and data for the prior year’s business to FINMA on an annual basis. FINMA publishes the balance sheet and income statement data provided by the insurance companies. The published tables include, in particular, information about the development of premiums, equity and the annual result.

Electronic data tables for the insurance market

FINMA also maintains electronic tables providing deeper insight into insurers’ data on its insurers’ reporting portal. The underlying raw data can be downloaded. The data for the years 2008 to 2018 are available on a separate platform.

For the 2019 reporting year and following years, FINMA has revised the chart of accounts for collecting supervisory data from insurance companies. The data structure and reporting are now more uniform and transparency has been increased.

Technical relaunch of the insurers’ reporting portal

So that the data provided by the supervised insurance companies can also be made available in the future for the purpose of analysis, FINMA is developing a new technical platform. In the transition period the balance sheet and income statement data as well as data on booked and earned premiums and claims paid out will be provided separately for each insurance company as well as in aggregated form in a table as Excel files.

Insurer’s reporting portal 2020 (Excel)

Insurer’s reporting portal 2019 (Excel)