Large exposures held at PostFinance

Since PostFinance has recently been classified as a systemically important bank, securities dealers and banks must review the exposures they hold with the company. Compliance with current large exposure regulations will become effective as of 31 December 2015.

Special relaxations apply to large exposures held at non-systemically important banks. Firstly, banks and securities dealers with eligible capital of up to one billion Swiss francs are allowed a higher ceiling for each large exposure. Secondly, reduced weighting rates (8% 16% or 32%) can be used for term and overnight positions held at banks ranked in rating categories 1 or 2 depending on eligible capital.


The Swiss National Bank has recently classified PostFinance as a systemically important bank. Subsequently, the relaxations mentioned above no longer apply and the general provisions set out in the Capital Adequacy Ordinance must be respected. While the upper limit for large exposures held at PostFinance is now 25%, the standard weighting rate for short-term positions is 100%. These rules must be complied with as of 31 December 2015 at the latest.