FINMA’s strategic goals

Every four years, FINMA's Board of Directors defines the supervisory authority's strategic goals and submits these to the Federal Council for approval.

The legal framework within which FINMA operates and performs it supervisory activities allows it considerable scope to establish its own priorities. Derived from its mandate, FINMA’s strategic goals set out those priorities and demonstrate how FINMA will fulfil its remit. These goals, which are reviewed every four years, reflect developments in the financial industry and the challenges they bring. The underlying strategy defined in each goal thus creates a link between FINMA’s legal mandate and its specific activities, giving the work performed by FINMA a longer-term focus.

Strategic goals 2017 to 2020

Approved by the Federal Council in November 2016, FINMA’s current strategic goals set out below cover the period 2017 to 2020.

  1. FINMA will ensure that banks and insurance companies have a strong capitalisation.
  2. FINMA will make a sustainable positive impact on the conduct of financial institutions.
  3. The “too big to fail” problem will be further mitigated thanks to viable emergency plans and credible resolution strategies.
  4. In accompanying structural change in the financial industry, FINMA will contribute to the protection of creditors, investors and insured persons.
  5. FINMA will push for the removal of unnecessary regulatory obstacles for innovative business models.
  6. FINMA remains committed to principle-based financial market regulation and will continue to promote equivalence with relevant international requirements.
  7. The cost of supervision will remain stable and further efficiency gains will be achieved.

For a detailed overview of these seven goals, please consult the full text “Strategic goals 2017 to 2020”.

FINMA's Strategic Goals 2017 to 2020

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