EHP: surveys and submission templates

Here you will find information on selected surveys and submission templates for the survey and application platform (EHP). This selection is for information and illustration purposes only. All listed surveys and submissions are carried out in the EHP.

Use the search below to find information on selected surveys and submissions in the EHP, including the forms contained therein. This preview will help interested parties and those affected to find out about upcoming surveys and submission templates.

The initial entry of all selected surveys and submissions is currently still in progress. This may mean that not all relevant information is currently available.

EHP users are informed of upcoming surveys by FINMA via the authorisation coordinators in an automatically generated email. The surveys and submissions are all carried out in the EHP.

Make your selection using the filters below. The survey status (active/inactive) and the licence status of the addressee (licensed/unlicensed) are selected as standard.

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