Take time – check the facts – be on your guard – diversify

No financial transaction is entirely without risk. Fraudulent and illegal providers who are intent on making money out of unsuspecting investors are a constant factor on the financial market.

What private investors should know

Protection against investment fraud

Misuse of the FINMA name?

You should be suspicious about calls or emails claiming to be from FINMA because as a rule FINMA does not contact individuals. Neither is FINMA ever involved in processes or offers allegedly seeking to redress financial losses. If you are in doubt, contact FINMA using the official addresses.

FINMA contact details

Practical tips on protecting yourself against fraudsters

Ten simple rules to help you avoid falling victim to fraudsters.

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Common ways in which investors are swindled out of their savings

The sale of worthless shares, “penny shares”, or mines (including gold mines).

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You should be wary of these allegedly great deals

Debt rescheduling as an illusory solution, tempting offers for recouping losses, or an apparently certain profit with second-hand policies.

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New technologies as the latest best seller for illegal providers?

New technologies and how illegal providers use them – virtual currencies, initial coin offerings (ICOs) and crowdfunding.

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FINMA's approach to unauthorised providers

Measures taken by FINMA against unauthorised providers.

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FINMA and investors

A short look at FINMA's mandate, how it deals with information from investors, and the personal responsibility of investors.

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The Client Protection Report

FINMA presents the facts: “How investors can protect themselves against unauthorised financial market providers”

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