Supervisory organisations

The financial market legislation governing supervisory organisations derives from four federal acts and one ordinance.

Financial Market Supervision Act

The Financial Market Supervision Act is the umbrella law and also regulates the licensing, supervision and organisational requirements for supervisory organisations.

Supervisory Organisations Ordinance (SOO)

Independent portfolio managers and trustees are subject to supervision by supervisory organisations (SOs), which are authorised and supervised by FINMA.

Financial Institutions Act (FinIA)

The Financial Institutions Act governs the requirements for acting as a financial institution (portfolio managers, trustees, managers of collective assets, fund management companies and securities firms) and the supervision of portfolio managers and trustees by supervisory organisations.

Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA)

The Anti-Money Laundering Act applies to financial intermediaries and regulates the combating of money laundering, the combating of terrorist financing, and the due diligence required in financial transactions as well as the duties to report of the supervisory organisations.