FINMA launches a digital delivery platform

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA has launched a digital delivery platform, which will enable supervised institutions and audit firms to submit documents electronically via a user-friendly and secure channel.
Supervised institutions and audit firms will now be able to transmit documents digitally to FINMA instead of posting them. This will facilitate the rapid and efficient transfer of, for example, audit and annual reports. If a personal signature is required, the sender will need to add a qualified electronic signature on the delivery platform, which is done by using SuisseID. Supervised institutions and audit firms may submit qualified electronically signed documents only via the delivery platform and not by email. Documents can, however, still be submitted by post, but must not be submitted twice, i.e. document submission is either by post or electronically. Amendments to the relevant circulars and ordinances related to the delivery platform will be completed in the coming months.
The FINMA delivery platform is free of charge; prior registration is not necessary. It can be accessed on FINMA's website under Contact. For further information about using the platform, please refer to the guidelines available for download and the associated FAQs. Any questions about the platform should be addressed to
Please note that the delivery platform does not replace the FIRST or FIRST GRE web application for the insurance sector. All annexes and enclosures to the annual data collection and all the SST reporting will continue to be submitted via FIRST.