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Federal Council re-elects FINMA's Board of Directors

The Federal Council has elected the members of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA Board of Directors: it confirmed the re-election of the board members standing for re-election and appointed three new members, Yvan Lengwiler, Joseph L. Rickenbacher and Eddy Wymeersch, to the board. FINMA's Board of Directors will thus comprise nine members as of January 2012.

The Board of Directors is FINMA's strategic body and therefore takes responsibility, in accordance with the Financial Market Supervision Act (FINMASA), for determining the supervisory authority’s strategic goals, making decisions on matters of substantial importance, issuing ordinances and circulars delegated to FINMA, and overseeing the Executive Board.

Anne Héritier Lachat, Chair of the Board of Directors: "In Yvan Lengwiler, Joseph L. Rickenbacher and Eddy Wymeersch specialists have been elected to the FINMA Board of Directors whose professional expertise and vast international experience ideally complement our Board. We warmly welcome them to the Board of Directors and look forward to working with them."

  • Yvan Lengwiler (*1964) is an economics professor at the University of Basel and is a long-standing expert in matters relating to financial market stability.
  • Joseph L. Rickenbacher (*1948) held various positions at smaller and big banks and before retiring was chief risk officer at UBS‘s Wealth Management & Swiss Bank.
  • Eddy Wymeersch (*1943) was professor of business law at Ghent University in Belgium. He was active in various national and important international committees (e.g. CESR, IOSCO), focussing on financial market regulation, and was chairman of the Belgian supervisory authority: Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission (CBFA).

Every four years the Federal Council elects FINMA's Board of Directors. Following today’s election and the retirement of PD Dr Sabine Kilgus and Daniel Zuberbühler, the FINMA Board of Directors is made up of the following members starting 1 January 2012:

  • Prof. Anne Héritier Lachat (Chair)
  • Dr Monica Mächler (Vice-Chair)
  • Dr Eugenio Brianti
  • Prof. Yvan Lengwiler
  • Paul Müller
  • Charles Pictet
  • Joseph L. Rickenbacher
  • Prof. Eddy Wymeersch
  • Prof. Jean-Baptiste Zufferey


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Prof. Yvan Lengwiler

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