FINMA Bulletin: Conflicts of interest in fund management and ruling in Laxey case

The new edition of the FINMA Bulletin focuses on a broad spectrum of important rulings and decisions. Topics covered are conflicts of interest under the Collective Investment Schemes Act, security deposit insurance and two key decisions made by the Swiss Federal Administrative Court.
Bulletin 2/2011 reports on FINMA's decision regarding conflicts of interest in fund management with respect to the acquisition of real estate assets. Another FINMA decision mentioned is the qualification of security deposit insurance which requires authorisation under the Insurance Supervision Act. Furthermore, the Bulletin provides details of two rulings made by the Swiss Federal Administrative Court relating to the issue of providing assurance of proper business conduct. Also featuring in the Bulletin is the Federal Court's key decision regarding the Laxey case. The wide range of topics presented in the Bulletin concludes with two court decisions on international administrative assistance.

Fresh from the press, FINMA bulletin 2/2011 can be ordered by email (subject: bulletin) at As in FINMA Bulletin 1/2010, this edition of the bulletin also focuses on how financial market supervisory law is implemented by FINMA.

To supplement the printed bulletin, FINMA will in future pre-publish rulings intended for publication on its website. Similar to the printed bulletin, publication of current enforceable rulings includes a summary of the facts and the key considerations. Subscribers to the RSS Feed "Rulings concerning financial market legislation" automatically receive notification of any new publications.