Receive digital documents

You can receive digital documents – electronically encrypted and protected against inspection by third parties – from FINMA via the distribution platform.

Via the distribution platform supervised institutions, auditing firms and other recipients can receive electronically encrypted documents from FINMA. FINMA uses Swiss Post’s IncaMail platform for this purpose. Use of the distribution platform via the IncaMail web interface is free of charge for the supervised institutions, auditing firms and other recipients. It requires a one-time registration.

Required declaration of consent

The FINMA distribution platform meets the legal requirements in accordance with the Ordinance on the Recognition of Platforms for Secure Service in Legal Proceedings (SR 272.11), enabling FINMA to open rulings electronically as part of an administrative proceeding (ECAPO; SR 172.021.2) with the recipient’s express consent.

Consent to delivery of electronic documents via the distribution platform can be communicated to FINMA by completing the form below. Consent thus granted for the receipt of electronic deliveries from FINMA via the distribution platform can be revoked at any time by sending an email to This email address can also be used to notify FINMA of any changes to consent that has already been granted (e.g. a change to an email address) or to ask questions.

Please note that only one recipient email address can be provided.

Declaration of consent

In the case of legal entities, those persons who complete the form must be duly authorised.
1. Consenting receiving party
2. Contact person for any technical queries from FINMA
3. Consent to the receipt of electronic messages from FINMA relating to authorisation and supervision
4. Consent to the receipt of electronic invoices
5. Selection of preferred connectivity method


Please ensure where possible that the email addresses given in items 3 and 4 are not affected by any changes in personnel, preferably by providing a group mailbox or similar. Forwarding to additional recipients can be implemented through settings in the receiving party’s own email infrastructure.

The receipt function for registered electronic post needs to be activated in advance in the IncaMail settings (plus the opening of the IncaMail account via to receive registered electronic post from FINMA. Electronic correspondence related to a FINMA procedure is governed by the applicable procedural provisions, in particular the Ordinance on Electronic Transmission for Administrative Procedures (VeÜ-VwV). As a rule, FINMA only sends electronic domestic messages via the distribution platform. Independently of the consent granted through this form, FINMA reserves the right to also send correspondence via normal post in future. Further information on using the distribution platform is available on the FINMA website and

1Swiss Post’s IncaMail platform meets the requirements of the Recognition Ordinance for Delivery Platforms (SR 272.11), enabling FINMA to (also) securely disclose rulings relating to administrative procedures.

2If you are completing this form in your own name as a private person, you may leave this field empty.

3According to Article 8 para. 2 of the Ordinance on the Electronic Transmission for Administrative Proceedings (VeÜ-VwV; SR 172.021.2), only a person who regularly represents a party or parties in proceedings in front of a specific authority, may give their general consent to the electronic receipt of decrees and other messages in future administrative proceedings. Otherwise this consent must be given, for legal reasons, as part of the relevant specific administrative proceedings involving FINMA (Art. 8 para. 1 VeÜ-VwV).

4This consent applies to the following dispatch types (only one email address can be provided for both dispatch types):

  • Standard (IncaMail’s “confidential message” dispatch type; the equivalent of non-registered physical mail).

  • Registered (IncaMail’s “registered mail” dispatch type; the equivalent of registered physical mail. FINMA and the receiving party each receive a digitally signed PDF confirmation certifying the dispatch and the exact time of receipt).

5With IncaMail web interface (i.e. without IncaMail integration) the electronic message from FINMA is delivered to the email address given in encrypted format. The encrypted email can be opened in the registered inbox by entering the IncaMail password.

6IncaMail-Mailgateway integration embeds IncaMail in the email application, so the electronic communication from FINMA can be opened directly in the email application (without entering the IncaMail password). If this method is preferred, FINMA will transfer the contact data in this form to Post CH AG to enable them to set up the integration solution. According to the information available to FINMA, the cost of the IncaMail-Mailgateway integration based on registration through this form is currently approx. CHF 360 per year (as at October 2019; the invoice is issued by Post CH AG).