Transparency regarding exemptions in the small banks regime 2023

The Swiss small banks regime is unique worldwide and has been a successful supervisory model since 2019. In 2023, FINMA created even more transparency regarding the system by publishing a comprehensive overview of the exemptions granted .

As at the end of 2023, 54 particularly liquid and well capitalised small banks and securities firms participated in the regime and benefited from simplified requirements for the calculation and disclosure of the required capital and liquidity, as well as from qualitative relief under the FINMA circulars. Over the course of the year under review, three banks were newly authorised under the small banks regime, while two banks left the regime. Both of the withdrawals were voluntary due to growth plans. This means that the number of banks in the small banks regime increased by one institution in the year under review. In the course of its supervisory activities, FINMA determined that the small banks regime provides a strong incentive for ensuring a high level of stability for the institutions.

(From the Annual Report 2023)

Annual Report 2023

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