Insurance against natural hazards

Switzerland-wide solidarity in insurance cover for natural hazards.

Natural hazards (NH) insurance covers damage caused by the forces of nature. In view of its major economic and socio-political importance, insurance cover for risks of this kind has been subject to special statutory regulation based on country-wide solidarity since 1 January 1993.

Natural hazards included in fire insurance

Under Article 33 of the Insurance Supervision Act (SR 961.01), natural hazards coverage must be included in fire insurance. The coverage and premium rates are uniform and binding on all private insurance companies. The associated ordinance (Insurance Supervision Ordinance, ISO, SR 961.011) also specifies which types of damage regarded as damage caused by natural hazards are included in fire insurance (damage caused by natural hazards under NH-ISO). 


Natural hazards damage of the types regulated in the ISO cannot be insured in the open market. Insurers do, however, have a degree of entrepreneurial freedom when it comes to objects and risks which are not covered by these regulations (natural hazards special: NH special).

Distinction between NF-ISO and NF-Special

Classification of insured objects and distinction between NF-ISO and NF-Special

Since the statutory provisions on natural hazards insurance came into force, opinions on how they should be interpreted have differed. The purpose of the documents available on this page is to promote a standard interpretation. They are intended to provide transparency and legal certainty and will be updated as necessary.