Insurance intermediaries

FINMA publishes comparison table with new and old registration numbers for insurance intermediaries

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA has introduced new registration numbers for registered untied insurance intermediaries. It regularly publishes a list of new and old numbers to identify insurance intermediaries. 
Since 1 January 2024, untied insurance intermediaries registered with FINMA have had new registration numbers to clearly identify them. The newly assigned FINMA ID contains a prefix ‘F’ followed by an eight-digit number (e.g. F10000011). The previous WebReg numbers will no longer be used.

To correctly identify untied insurance intermediaries, FINMA is publishing a list featuring the old and new identification numbers on its website under Authorised institutions, individuals and products. The list will be updated daily and includes all registered untied insurance intermediaries. Interested insurance companies, brokers and third parties can download the list in PDF or XLSX format and check against the numbers in their own lists and systems. If other registration information is needed besides the FINMA ID, it can be found by submitting single queries in FINMA’s public register.