Handover of CEO role on 1 May 2021

Jan Blöchliger will replace Mark Branson as FINMA CEO ad interim on 1 May 2021. Michael Waldburger will head the Banks division ad interim from 1 April 2021.
Following the resignation of FINMA CEO Mark Branson (press release), FINMA’s Board of Directors has finalised the details for the handover of power. As previously communicated, Mark Branson will hand over the role of CEO on 1 May 2021 ad interim to Jan Blöchliger, the current head of the Banks division. Jan Blöchliger will familiarise himself with his new role of interim CEO in April 2021. To enable him to do so, he will already hand over the leadership of the division from 1 April 2021. The Executive Board has appointed Michael Waldburger as a member of the Executive Board and head of the Banks division ad interim effective 1 April 2021 until further notice. Mark Branson will continue to support FINMA during the transition period until the end of May 2021. His employment will be terminated after a cooling-off period on 31 July 2021.