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Credit Suisse: FINMA appoints independent investigating auditor

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA is appointing an independent auditor to investigate Credit Suisse in the context of observation activities. So stepping up its ongoing investigations, FINMA will focus on relevant questions of corporate governance.
The observation activities carried out by Credit Suisse raise various compliance issues. FINMA’s ongoing investigations of this matter will now be stepped up with the help of an independent auditor. This investigator will clarify the relevant corporate governance questions, particularly in relation to the observation activities, the handling of information in this context and the use of electronic communications.

FINMA will provide further information once its investigation has been concluded. It will not comment further on the content of the ongoing investigation or the date when the investigation may be concluded. Typically such investigations can be expected to take several months.


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Press release

Credit Suisse: FINMA appoints independent investigating auditor

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