FINMA Takeover Board examines appeal filed against ruling 672/01 in the matter of SHL Telemedicine Ltd.

Following an application filed by Nehama & Yoram Alroy Investment Ltd. and Elon Shalev, the Swiss Takeover Board (TOB) decided in its ruling 672/01 dated 26 January 2018 that Mengke Cai, Xiang Xu, Himalaya (Cayman Islands) TMT Fund, Himalaya Asset Management Ltd. and Kun Shen are obliged to make a public tender offer for all listed shares in SHL Telemedicine Ltd. priced at CHF 8.70 a share. They are granted a period of two months to make this public tender offer and are prohibited until then from acquiring further shares or acquisition or disposal rights relating to SHL Telemedicine Ltd.

Nehama & Yoram Alroy Investment Ltd. and Elon Shalev have filed an appeal against this ruling. The appeal concerns the suspension of the voting rights requested by the complainants and rejected by the Swiss Takeover Board (TOB) in its ruling dated 26 January 2018. The FINMA Takeover Board will now examine the appeal.