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Bruno Frick steps down from FINMA Board of Directors

Bruno Frick will step down from FINMA's Board of Directors at the end of August 2017. He has served on the Board for a period of four years and will concentrate in future on his activities as a lawyer and notary.
The Federal Council appointed Bruno Frick to FINMA's Board of Directors on 1 August 2013. He sat on a number of the Board's committees and chaired the Takeover Committee during his time at FINMA. Following his departure from the Board on 31 August 2017, he will concentrate on his activities as a lawyer and notary and on other directorships.

Thomas Bauer, Chair of the Board, thanked Bruno Frick for his valuable contribution to FINMA: "The Board benefitted from Bruno Frick's legal expertise and from his experience in Swiss financial market law and the political world. On behalf of myself and the other Board members, I would like to thank him for his support and collaboration."

Following Bruno Frick's departure, FINMA's Board of Directors will have eight board members. This meets the statutory requirement, which specifies a minimum of seven, and a maximum of nine members.


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Press release

Bruno Frick steps down from FINMA Board of Directors

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