FINMA mandataries - retendering of FINMA mandates

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA is adapting the process for working with external mandataries. FINMA has therefore redefined specific profile requirements on carrying out its mandates. All interested service providers can submit an application in line with the profiles specified. 
FINMA can appoint mandataries to assist it in performing its duties. The supervisory authority makes efficient and effective use of this instrument and keeps a list of suppliers to whom it can assign mandates. All parties interested in executing mandates for FINMA can request inclusion in the list if they have the required expertise.

Mandates assigned by FINMA place different demands on mandataries who should have the appropriate specialist knowledge. FINMA has redefined the following standard mandates:

  • Investigations or audits conducted at authorised financial intermediaries;
  • Investigations into activities conducted at institutions that are not licensed;
  • Restructuring and crisis management at authorised financial intermediaries;
  • Bankruptcy liquidation proceedings and liquidation proceedings at supervised institutions.
All interested service providers, including those who are currently on the FINMA list, are invited to apply in line with the profiles specified. See FINMA mandataries for more information.