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Federal Council appoints Günter Pleines to FINMA Board of Directors

Günter Pleines has been elected today by the Federal Council to the Board of Directors of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA. For over thirty years, Günter Pleines has worked at the Bank for International Settlements, been on its Management Board since 1996 and Head of the Banking department for the last seven years. 
Günter Pleines, 64, was awarded an advanced degree in business administration by the J. W. Goethe University. After graduating, he began his career at the Deutsche Bundesbank where he worked in the International Relations department. In 1981, he joined the Bank for International Settlements where he held various positions and was, inter alia, Head of Treasury in the Banking department. He became Head of the Banking department in 2005 and has led Treasury, Asset Management, Banking Operational Services and Financial Analysis.

Anne Héritier Lachat, Chair of FINMA Board of Directors: "Günter Pleines is a proven expert in key areas of the financial markets. Not only will his specialist knowledge, for instance in banking and asset management, be an asset to our Board of Directors, but also his wealth in experience and know-how of macroeconomic issues."

Günter Pleines will assume his new mandate in May 2013 when he leaves the Bank for International Settlements.

The FINMA Board of Directors forms its strategic body. It sets the strategic goals, decides on matters of substantial importance, issues FINMA ordinances and FINMA circulars, and oversees the Executive Board.


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