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FINMA publishes its new strategic goals

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA has published its new strategic goals for the period 2013 to 2015. They give FINMA's supervisory activities long-term orientation, highlight its key focuses and show how FINMA intends pursuing its statutory mandate in the future. FINMA's strategic goals have been approved today by the Federal Council. 
FINMA's supervisory activities are guided by its strategic goals. As prescribed in the Financial Market Supervision Act (FINMASA), FINMA has set out its goals for the next four years after completing the first strategic period (2009 to 2012). The goals laid down for the next strategic period respond to the developments in the area of supervision and the challenges they bring. Moreover, they serve to define the areas on which FINMA intends focusing in the future. In order to put its new strategy in context, FINMA has commented on its mandate and the supervisory approach it has adopted in its publication "FINMA's Strategic Goals 2013 to 2016".

Thematic approach adopted to be continued

Thematically, the new strategic goals are a continuation of the supervisory approach developed by FINMA. While certain focal points have been redefined, the prudential supervision of financial institutions lies at the heart of FINMA's strategy. Furthermore, the consequences of FINMA's risk-based supervisory approach will gain in prominence in the new strategic period as will restructuring proceedings and solvency proceedings. FINMA also intends aligning its regulatory activities closer with international standards in the next strategic period and focusing on important core issues in its international activities.

Overall, FINMA wants to better protect financial market clients and the reputation of the Swiss financial centre by putting a credible and professional strategy in place, a strategy which has been approved today by the Federal Council.


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FINMA's Strategic Goals 2013 to 2016

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