The Extranet

FINMA uses the Extranet as a platform to exchange information electronically with third parties via five different applications: the survey and application platform, the FINMA Trust Room, the delivery platform, the distribution platform and the FINMA portal, through which access is managed.

FINMA portal

The FINMA portal is the central access point for using the EHP and FTR. Before using the FINMA portal for the first time, users are required to register.

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Survey and application platform

FINMA-supervised institutions and the firms auditing them can submit supervisory data electronically and, depending on the supervisory area, licensing applications to FINMA via the survey and application platform (EHP).

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FINMA Trust Room

The FINMA Trust Room (FTR) is a collaboration platform enabling FINMA to communicate with third parties in a secure digital environment.


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Delivery platform

The Delivery platform enables users to submit electronic documents to FINMA securely. The sender can add a qualified electronic signature to entries.

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Distribution platform

FINMA can send documents to third parties quickly and securely via the Distribution platform, including documents with a qualified electronic signature.

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