Practical tips

By following ten simple rules, investors can significantly reduce the chance that they will become victims of illegal or fraudulent providers.

As an investor, there is a lot you can do to protect yourself. The advice below will help you.

Ten tips for protecting yourself against unscrupulous providers

  1. Take time to consider your investment decisions. Don’t allow yourself to be put under pressure. Diversify your investments; don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  2. Before you make an investment, do your own research into providers and products, and don’t be taken in by glossy brochures or slick telephone marketing. Use Google or other search engines to research providers and products. Check whether the providers are authorised by FINMA.

  3. Remember that not every company which is supervised by FINMA is subject to intensive ongoing (i.e. prudential) supervision.

  4. Check whether the provider’s name appears in the FINMA warning list or the IOSCO Investor Alerts Portal. If so, FINMA advises that you exercise the utmost caution and restraint.

  5. You can check the entry for Swiss providers in the Commercial Register at Frequent changes of company name, address or authorised signatories should make you suspicious.

  6. In the case of providers or offers from outside Switzerland, you should always consider who you could turn to if problems arise. How, against whom, where and at what cost could you assert a claim?

  7. You should make use of relevant internet forums and consumer sites. Posts from worried investors or people who have already suffered losses are a warning sign.

  8. Compare the products, returns and commissions with those of other providers. If they are significantly better than those of companies authorised by FINMA, you should exercise caution.

  9. Innovative technologies and products (e.g. virtual currencies) can be attractive, but they can also be risky. In reality, major breakthroughs are few and far between. Find out as much as you can, and only invest when you are sure you understand what is being offered.

  10. Always remember the fundamental rule of investing, that high returns always mean high risks. The risk of loss is often much more real than the chance of turning a profit.