International cooperation

FINMA is in constant dialogue with the main regulators and resolution authorities in the countries in which the two large Swiss banks operate through the crisis management colleges.

A coordinated response by the supervisory and resolution authorities in different jurisdictions would be essential to successfully resolving an international banking group. Regular cooperation and a relationship of trust are essential prerequisites for a coordinated response in a crisis.

CS and UBS Crisis Management Groups

The global crisis management groups set up by FINMA for Credit Suisse and UBS are designed to achieve this. FINMA also regularly holds a regionalcrisis management and resolution planning college with Asian supervisory and resolution authorities.

SIX x-clear Crisis Management Group

SIX x-clear was identified as an internationally systemically important central counterparty in July 2017. In line with international standards, FINMA has therefore established a crisis management group (CMG) for SIX x-clear.