Register for insurance intermediaries

Untied and, in individual cases, tied insurance intermediaries are entered in FINMA’s public register. On this page you can search the register.

Insurance intermediaries who operate on an untied basis must be entered in FINMA’s public register. Only then are they authorised to offer or conclude insurance contracts on the Swiss insurance market. FINMA may also include tied insurance intermediaries in the register. However, this only applies if they can prove that they wish to start operating abroad, for which the respective country requires an entry in the register in Switzerland (Art. 42 para. 4 ISA).

The public register for insurance intermediaries serves to inform customers. All insurance intermediaries who fulfil the registration requirements are listed in the public register.

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Use this search form to search for registered insurance intermediaries. Please enter at least three consecutive characters in the search field and ensure correct spelling (including diacritics such as umlauts or accents).


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Warning notice

If a person entered in the register of insurance intermediaries contacts you, please check the identity of this person carefully. Do the details match those in the public FINMA register? Particular caution should be exercised in the case of foreign telephone numbers and if the insurance intermediary offers other financial services as well as the intermediation of insurance products. These may, for example, include asset management, investment advice, investments in cryptocurrencies or the like. Registration as an insurance intermediary does not automatically include authorisation for the intermediation of other financial services.

Please also take note of the tips for protecting yourself against investment fraud and the FINMA warning list. The warning list contains companies and individuals who may be engaging in activities requiring authorisation on the financial market without authorisation. Please obtain full information before responding to any offer and contact FINMA if you are unsure.