Foreign financial market infrastructures

Under certain conditions, foreign-authorised financial market infrastructures must be recognised by FINMA before they can allow Swiss participants access to their facilities. This applies to foreign trading venues including stock exchanges and multilateral trading facilities as well as central counterparties and trade repositories. In addition, foreign trading venues currently require special recognition to trade in certain Swiss equity securities.

Two types of recognition may be relevant particularly to foreign trading venues. These recognition categories are essentially independent of each other and must each be applied for separately.

Recognition of foreign trading venues under Article 41 FinMIA

Foreign trading venues must be recognised under Article 41 FinMIA before granting Swiss participants supervised by FINMA direct access to their facilities. 

Recognition of foreign trading venues under the Ordinance to protect the Swiss stock exchange

Based on the Ordinance on the Recognition of Foreign Trading Venues for the Trading of Equity Securities of Companies with Registered Office in Switzerland (SR 958.2), a special recognition obligation currently applies to foreign trading venues if: 

  • equity securities of companies with registered office in Switzerland are traded at such trading venues or if such trading venues facilitate the trading of such equity securities (SR 958.2, Art. 1 para. 1 let. a); and 

  • the equity securities are listed at a stock exchange in Switzerland or are traded at a trading venue in Switzerland (SR 958.2, Art. 1 para. 1 let. b).

The Ordinance includes certain exceptions to this recognition obligation.

Requirements for foreign financial market infrastructures

Foreign financial market infrastructures recognised in Switzerland must comply with information and reporting requirements vis-à-vis FINMA. FINMA receives further information on foreign financial market infrastructures from foreign supervisory authorities.