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Our activities

> Two-tier system of supervision  
> Supervision of banks and securities dealers  
> Supervision of large banking groups  
> Supervision of collective investment schemes  
> Supervision of mortgage bond business  
> Supervision of stock exchanges and markets  
> Disclosure of shareholdings and public takeover offers of listed companies  
> Supervision of audit firms  
> Prevention of Money Laundering  
> Restructuring and Bankruptcy Procedures  

Prevention of Money Laundering

As a supervisory authority set up by a special act, the SFBC is mandated by the Anti-Money Laundering Act, AMLA to define the due diligence obligations under the Act for the financial intermediaries it supervises and to monitor the means allotted to the application of the Act. With respect to client identification, the SFBC has recognised the Agreement on the Swiss banks’ code of conduct with regard to the exercise of due diligence, CDB issued by the Swiss Bankers Association as the minimum standard for banks and securities dealers.

The SFBC Money Laundering Ordinance, MLO-SFBC focuses in particular on due diligence obligations in relation to higher risk transactions or relationships.
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Further information
Combating Money Laundering in Switzerland
Bulletin 44, Special issue: Combating money laundering
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