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Frequently Asked Questions

Notice: The information provided under this heading is of general nature and doesn't prejudge any decision the SFBC can take in a specific case.
Last modification: 07.02.2008
> Information
  • Which information related to a particular institution may I obtain from the SFBC?
> Authorisation requirements / scope of supervision
  • Which financial activities require a license?
  • Which institutions are supervised by the SFBC?
  • What kind of financial activities are not being supervised by the SFBC?
> Activities subject to authorisation / Authorisation procedure
  • Which steps must be taken before commencing an activity requiring a license and making an application for a license?
> Provisions regarding the terminology in the financial sphere (German or French)
  • Which terms may only be used by authorised institutions?
> E-Finance
  • Terminology
  • Conditions of approval / applicable law
  • Opening accounts on the Internet
  • Outsourcing / security / data protection
  • Distribution of collective investment schemes
  • Electronic money / payment transactions / pre-payment systems
  • Cross-border provision of financial services
> Measures against autorized institutions
  • Who will assist me if I am in dispute with an institution which is subject to the Law?
  • Which possibilities does the SFBC have to intervene in the case of supervised institutions?

> Measures against unauthorized institutions

  • Which means can be employed by the SFBC against institutions which operate without a license?
> Investors protection
  • What protection do investors and accountholders have when a bank domiciled in Switzerland becomes insolvent?
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> Dormant accounts
  • From whom can I find out whether there are dormant assets in a particular bank to which I might be entitled?
> Anti-money laundering
  • How is the Supervision regarding Anti-Money Laundering Legislation organised?
  • Brochure: "Combating Money Laundering in Switzerland"
  • Frequently Asked Questions concerning the SFBC Ordinance on Money Laundering.
> Financial statement reporting (German or French)
  • Frequently Asked Questions concerning financial statement reporting
> Outsourcing (German or French)
  • Frequently Asked Questions regarding the SFBC Circular 99/2 Outsourcing
> Basel II (German or French)
  • Interpretation Questions to the Basel II Implementation in Switzerland
> Structured products (German or French)
  • Frequently asked questions regarding public offering of structured products according to art. 5 Capital Investment Schemes Act (CISA) and art. 4 Capital Investment Schemes Ordinance (CISO).
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