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Our activities

> Two-tier system of supervision  
> Supervision of banks and securities dealers  
> Supervision of large banking groups  
> Supervision of collective investment schemes  
> Supervision of mortgage bond business  
> Supervision of stock exchanges and markets  
> Disclosure of shareholdings and public takeover offers of listed companies  
> Supervision of audit firms  
> Prevention of Money Laundering  
> Restructuring and Bankruptcy Procedures  

Supervision of large banking groups

Because of their size, complexity, organisation and business activities, the large banking groups Credit Suisse Group and UBS AG are subject to more rigorous supervision by the SFBC than the other banks. Besides indirect supervisory instruments, procuring information directly is of central importance in large banking group supervision. On a periodical basis, the SFBC receives reports on their risk situation and meets with representatives of various bodies within the large banking groups, including the boards of directors and group executive boards. Moreover, the SFBC has access to all reports of their internal audit department whose management the SFBC also meets regularly. In addition, the SFBC also performs on-site reviews itself and can order an in-depth audit of a specific division by the external auditors.

The principles of big bank supervision are set out in SFBC Circular 04/01 Supervision of large banks (German or in French).

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