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Our activities

> Two-tier system of supervision  
> Supervision of banks and securities dealers  
> Supervision of large banking groups  
> Supervision of collective investment schemes  
> Supervision of mortgage bond business  
> Supervision of stock exchanges and markets  
> Disclosure of shareholdings and public takeover offers of listed companies  
> Supervision of audit firms  
> Prevention of Money Laundering  
> Restructuring and Bankruptcy Procedures  

Supervision of stock exchanges and markets

With the Stock-Exchange Act, with effect from February 1, 1997, stock exchanges and securities dealers became subject to a licensing requirement and were subordinated to supervision by the SFBC. The markets are supervised by the Stock Exchanges and the SFBC, who order investigation in case of breach of the law or exchange regulation (market supervision). The Stock-Exchange Act and Ordinance are designed to achieve transparency and equality of treatment for all investors and create the framework for fully functioning securities markets.

A Swiss stock exchange requires a license from the SFBC to commence operations. Stock exchanges, acting on a self-regulating basis, are responsible themselves for an appropriate operating, administrative and monitoring organisation, whereby the business rules established by them are subject to the approval of the SFBC. Foreign stock exchanges without registered office in Switzerland require in addition an authorisation from the SFBC before they grant access to their institution by securities dealers in Switzerland.
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