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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which information related to a particular institution may I obtain from the SFBC?

The SFBC will provide at all times information as to whether it has granted a license to a particular enterprise and as to which type of license is involved. The SFBC will additionally provide information as to whether a ruling has been issued to commence liquidation proceedings and the address of the responsible liquidator.

The SFBC, on the other hand, will provide no information about current proceedings against licensed enterprises or those operating without a license. Neither will it provide information as to the financial situation of licensed enterprises. In principle, all enterprises which have been granted a license and are monitored by the SFBC comply with the legal requirements imposed on them by virtue of their activity. Should this cease to be the case, the SFBC takes the necessary measures.

The SFBC may upon receiving a complaint from the public against an individual or an entity, initiate an administrative procedure. The plaintiff does not become party to the procedure and, as such, has no right to obtain access to the files of the procedure or any other non-public information on the procedure.