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29 January 2008

SFBC publishes report on bank insolvency
This report presents an overview of experience gathered to date by the SFBC with the new Swiss bank insolvency law that came into force on 1 July 2004. It also examines some issues which the SFBC believes are important with respect to international bank insolvencies.

> Report on bank insolvency
19 December 2007

SFBC – Strategies for financial market enforcement and international activities
This year, the SFBC reviewed both its strategy for implementing supervisory law ("financial market enforcement") and its international activities, carrying out a partial realignment and summarising these in brief.

The SFBC views financial market enforcement as a contribution to the integrity of the markets. It endeavours to maintain a due sense of proportion but to act in a swift and focussed manner, and to conduct proceedings in a way that is fair and transparent to the parties involved at all times. It is also systematically and increasingly commissioning third parties to investigate the facts of a case. Within the SFBC, the functions of staff engaged in supervision and those in enforcement are largely separated. Communication regarding the SFBC’s proceedings is a particular challenge.

The goal of the SFBC’s international activities is to preserve and enhance the credibility of its supervision and, in so doing, to protect and improve the conditions under which the Swiss financial market and its participants operate. Accordingly, these activities have to be effectively coordinated with the groundwork being carried out by the SFBC. International developments and the relationships between them must be monitored constantly, and reassessed periodically. The SFBC consistently maintains bilateral relationships at both the strategic and the operational level, and plays an active role in international forums, where it argues the case for practicable international standards that reflect the needs of the market. All of this requires that clear priorities be set.

> SFBC Enforcement Strategy
> SFBC Strategy for International Activities
10 September 2007
SFBC publishes hedge funds report
In a background report the SFBC turns the spotlight on key aspects of the hedge fund business relating to systemic stability, market integrity, investor protection and business location. The report also deals with the regulatory and tax environment in Switzerland.
> Media Release
> SFBC Hedge Funds Report (in German with "Executive Summary" in English)
4 July 2007
SFBC publishes report on self-regulation
Self-regulation has an important function in Swiss financial market regulation. The SFBC presents its position in a new report.
> Media Release
> SFBC report on self-regulation (report in German with summary in English)
> Dr Urs Zulauf, Vice-Director / Head of the Legal Department of the SFBC
"Self-regulation in the financial sector – the Swiss experience“ (speech)
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