Guidelines and forms

In order to streamline procedures, in particular for institutions wishing to submit a license application, the SFBC has issued various guidelines. You may download these documents here in pdf-format.
Supervisory Enforcement through Mandated Investigators  
Guideline for interested parties:
- German
- French
- Italian
Banks and securities dealers  
Guideline for license applications for banks and securities dealers 0 
Guideline for license applications for branches and representative offices of foreign banks and securities dealers in Switzerland  
Declaration concerning the holders of qualified participations 
Declaration by the qualified participants (Participation in bank) word 
Declaration by the qualified participants (Participation in company)  
SFBC enforcement of money laundering provisions to group companies:
Guidelines on applications for SFBC supervision under Section 2 (2) of the MLO-SFBC
Stock exchanges  
Checklist for the application of an authorisation for foreign stock exchanges (or for organisations similar to foreign exchanges) according to the Federal Act on Stock Exchanges and Securities Trading (SESTA) from March 1997  
Checklist for the authorisation of remote members of a stock exchange from July 1998  
Collective Investment Schemes  
The guidelines are available in German or in French. You may download them there.
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